Know About whether Nikola Valenti Giving free trial Jewellery

As per information from Nikola Valenti, there is no information in which they are mentioning free trials of Jewellery to the customer instead they have multiple subscription modes. This brand is known for its quality product that is made up of high-quality materials and designed for long-lasting. Each product that you find on their website is made up with a lot of care and precise details to design that result in a beautiful and unique product.

Product Range

If you look at some affordable jewellery brands then they used to have a few products only but when you browse for Nikola Valenti, you will find a huge range of products like engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, wedding bands, and necklaces. All these pieces are designed in such a way that it looks elegant, versatile, and timeless which makes them perfect to wear on different occasions. Another option available in this brand is customization where customers can get their desired product accordingly.

Return Policy

The Nikola Valenti brand is not offering any kind of free trial as of now in jewellery but they have 30 days return policy. If you don’t like the product or some defective product reached you, you can change it within 30 days of delivery. You will get a lifetime warranty from this brand on all the jewellery of the Nikola Valenti brand. It provides a peaceful mind to the customer because anything you find is fake, you can claim a warranty and get the solutions according to it.

Subscription Modes

The Nikola Valenti brand does not offer free trials but they offer different types of subscription models to their customers. With help of these subscriptions, you will be getting regular jewellery deliveries and you can collect it to build your jewellery collection at home. A subscription is totally a customizable option you can set the frequency of delivery, and the kind of jewellery and set your budget.

Diamond Club is one of the most famous subscription options available to all the customers offered by the Nikola Valenti brand. In this subscription, all the subscribers will get newly crafted diamond jewellery every month and multiple options related to rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

A Monthly Surprise subscription is another subscription option available to customers offered by the Nikola Valenti brand. This subscriber will get a piece of jewellery every month, which is available with multiple options like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings.


If you need jewellery regularly then you can take a subscription of any mode and get a new piece every month according to your budget and choice of product. It will be beneficial for you and the brand both.

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